Words by Brian Lentini

Having immersed myself in the subculture of surf, skate, music, and art

I can trace my journey back to the days when I effortlessly glided across the wooden deck of my parents' house on my brother's old Nash Heat zone, performing the daily task of taking out the garbage.

From that first push

my path has taken me through a myriad of experiences, from owning a Skateshop and skatepark during the mid-90s to embarking on tours with my friends' hardcore bands, moving across the country for waves and empty pools , and even capturing moments through the lens of my camera for renowned skateboard magazines.

Throughout this ride, I've come to recognize a noticeable void

that exists between the overpowering presence of mega-corporate energy drink brands and the essence of what we, at Ace, stand for. Coffee, a beloved elixir, holds a special place in my heart, just as skateboarding, surfing, music, art, photography, cars, bikes, motorcycles, boats, and vintage clothing do, as they are inexorably intertwined with our subculture. And it is within the realm of Ace Outpost that all these seemingly divergent paths and alleyways converge, united by the desire to share a cup of coffee.

Looking Forward

after almost a decade in owning a coffee company, my vision for Ace Outpost is that it becomes a subculture haven, a place that is a melting pot where all the facets of our vibrant subculture can coalesce. It is a place where the aroma of coffee moshes with the creative energy of our passions, and where we can gather to celebrate all that we hold dear. In this future, Ace Outpost will be a sanctuary where the essence of our collective enjoyment materializes in the form of a steaming cup of coffee, inviting all who seek solace and inspiration to partake in our caffeinated communion.